Dave Knott is pleased to offer his Personal Training and Sports Therapy service at Tattenhall Recreation club.

  Having trained individuals and groups of athletes for over twenty years,  Dave has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer clients of all levels. From seasoned athletes to older clients simply wanting to stay fit and active.


   A fully qualified personal trainer, sports therapist and a member of the National Register of Personal Trainers, Dave is also a very experienced UK Athletics Endurance and Sprints coach.

  Committed to ensuring that each and every client receives the same special care and attention whatever their personal fitness level, nothing gives Dave more pleasure than to see people achieving their own health and fitness goals.


Improving and maintaining one’s fitness and stamina has a huge impact on the quality of your everyday life. Dave’s fun and progressive training sessions are designed to maximise your gains with every session.

So whether you want to lose some weight, get fit and stay fit or simply have someone prepare and guide you through a personally tailored fitness program why not contact Dave today and take the first steps to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

    Tel:01829 770327                                Mob: 0790 187 1116

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