Your DevaFitness Personal Trainer is a fully qualified, registered and very experienced health and fitness professional who is entirely dedicated to helping you reach your goals and potential. Working personally on a one to one basis with my clients, it's my job to monitor, motivate, teach, inspire and encourage you every step of the way through your training.

Who needs a Personal Trainer?

You do not have to be a professional athlete or an A list celebrity to look and feel great. In fact anyone who is seriously committed to improving their standard of health and fitness will benefit from this professional experience.

"Surely exercising a couple of times a week on my own will get me fit?"   Not necessarily!

Ideally, we’d all have the motivation and know-how to sustain peak fitness, enjoy bags of energy and delight in a toned body. But with our hectic lifestyles and the temptations of modern living, this is rarely the case. After a while, training alone can be boring, and when we aren’t enjoying ourselves and seeing rapid results, all but the most steadfast fitness enthusiasts are prone to quickly lose enthusiasm. A regular and progressive exercise program is vital in the quest for optimal fitness. Your DevaFitness trainer delivers the motivation and encouragement to see your continued progression towards improved health and fitness. See fast results that will impress both you and your friends too !

DevaFitness Personal Training gives you the chance to exercise one-to-one with your own highly trained fitness professional beside you, guiding, advising and motivating you. If you're a beginner it's a great introduction to the gym and you’ll soon boost your knowledge and confidence. For the more experienced gym user Devafitness will help take you to an even higher level of fitness.

What are the benefits of training with a Personal Trainer?

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or just get fitter, DevaFitness Personal Training is the most focused way to achieve your goals. It can get you there faster, safer and more enjoyably. You'll soon see that it helps you adjust your lifestyle to make those physical changes stick. And because your exercise programme is tailor-made for you, you'll know that each and every exercise is hitting exactly the right spot to make a difference that will show in so many different ways.

Increased energy and stamina -  enjoy having the extra energy to play with the kids, go out with friends and live your life to the full.


Overall confidence -  knowing that you are making progress will do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. Amaze your friends and family with the new you!


Motivation and Accountability - There may be days where you don't feel like working out, we give you the extra push you need to keep you on track !


Seeing is Believing - How great will you feel when you have to get rid of those old clothes that don't fit you anymore? Let your mirror be a place you like to look again.  Look great, feel great !!!

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