Thank you Dave for all your support and help in enabling me to achieve what I have this year. I have learnt such a lot from you and will take this experience with me in my future athletic career.

Shannon Malone

Gold Medallist 2015 European Junior Athletic Championships 100 Metre Relay .

Before training with Dave, I thought I had good strength and form, it wasn't until about 15 minutes into our first PT session that I realised how mislead I was!

I asked Dave to focus on strength and endurance as these are essential for my job. Dave created a holistic programme, which varied weekly, was challenging but always enjoyable. Over several weeks we worked hard together to meet goals we had set out and I am ecstatic at the results. Not only am I more confident in my job physically, I am better prepared for it mentally. The holistic programme wasn't just for the gym, it has also helped me make lifestyle changes for a healthier living, which I aim to enjoy for a long time!
Lorien Waterer, Veterinary Surgeon.

Having had an Achilles injury for 6 months I decided to tackle this with vigour and saw a consultant, a physiotherist and latterly Dave. Whilst physio seemed useful there was little change to the distended Achilles and pain level.

I commenced a rehabilitation programme with Dave, starting with 1/2hrly sessions before moving to 1 hour. As I started to recover I found the on-going knowledge alongside the exercises helped me to understand what was happening to my ankle, which enabled me to monitor the work I did in between sessions and not throw myself into working too hard. After many attempts at getting my Achilles back to normal I am amazed at how such fairly innocuous exercises have done the trick. I am now doing ski training and feel much more confident with my level of fitness and what I can achieve.

I am truly grateful to Dave for working with me as I was beginning to feel despair that I would never get any better and would need surgery.

Tracy Freeman

Care Home Director

Dave coached me for a period of two years with the aim of obtaining a Top 5 placing in a Road Running Series - he provided just the right amount of pressure at the right times, put together a flexible program which took into consideration my work and family commitments, and made sure he took the time to understand my aims and objectives - the result was a 2nd place and a series of personal bests over 10km and half marathon distance.
Chris Taylor,

Head of Internal Audit, National Bank of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

In April 2009 I started training with Dave following a serious road accident which left me hospitalised for several months. As a result of my injuries, I was left with muscle weakness, poor core stability and severe balance issues.

At an initial assessment, Dave identified the issues, and developed a programme of exercises designed to progressively improve my fitness and stability. In weekly one-on-one sessions at Tattenhall Recreation Club throughout the summer of 2009, he has taken me through these exercises, and using a documented monitoring system has demonstrated a continuous improvement in my fitness and stamina.
His methods of training and encouragement have also built up my confidence. I feel that without Dave's involvement and support, I would not have been able to make the progress towards the physical and mental recovery that I have experienced. I would probably have given up by now (or not even started exercising).
I would recommend Dave's knowledge, guidance and encouragement to others in a similar situation.
Charlotte Radcliff

Aged 22

I have never been an athlete of any description but found myself with the challenge of doing a half marathon.
Dave got me from couch to half marathon in five months without injury.
He had me physically and mentally prepared for this challenge allowing me to run the full half marathon and I will always be grateful to him for all his help.
I couldn't have done it without him.
Massive thanks.
Annette Houlihan

I found Dave's training advice for the London Marathon extremely useful and effective. Dave helped me with a realistic training plan which included long runs as well as some speed work, hills and tempo runs. Following this training plan I managed to knock 20 minutes off my previous marathon PB and was delighted to run

Alison Smith

IT Consultant

When I joined the beginner’s running class and met Dave for the first time I was impressed by the way he managed the group, creating a positive, inclusive atmosphere and putting the emphasis on fun and progress. There was a succession of regular handouts which acknowledged that the discipline we were asking of ourselves would not always be easy, but giving us strategies to cope with the challenge. Encouraged by this experience I decided to sign up for a block of gym sessions with Dave in his role as Personal Trainer. My aim was to learn to use the equipment in the gym effectively in order to improve my cardio fitness, muscle tone and to preserve my bone density thus avoiding the onset of osteoporosis.  Dave created a programme specifically to meet my requirements and provided print outs to show progress we made from week to week. As a beginner, I was full of questions and Dave showed endless patience, never failing to provide a thorough and helpful answer. His enthusiasm, support and advice were such that I signed up for more and am now in my fifth year of training! I have received favourable comments from friends and relatives on improvements in my appearance and I can cope effortlessly with steep hills, long flights of stairs and similar every day challenges that I would have struggled with previously. Do not think that a Personal Trainer is only for the elite – everyone should have one – but make sure that your Personal Trainer is as good as Dave.
Hilary Astin, Retired

Dave combines a methodical approach with a genuine interest in the wellbeing of his athletes. He focuses on the bigger picture to make sure that training fits into life and not the other way round. His belief in his athletes' abilities helps them to exceed their expectations and instils confidence. 
In my view, these qualities are as key as any specific number or type of training sessions.

I approached Dave for help with training for my first marathon, and learned a tremendous amount. The importance of keeping a detailed training log, the right nutrition, the training effect, cutback weeks, how to deal with injury and illness and - above all - of adapting a training program when circumstances change. This flexibility and attention to detail are what make the guiding hand of a personal trainer invaluable.
Dave has a rare talent in making people believe in themselves through his encouragement both in and out of training sessions. He made me believe I could achieve something that I did not ever think I was capable of and by following his training programme and advice I far exceeded my own targets at a number of different length races. His methodical approach is very valuable in teaching self discipline in sport generally and has subsequently given me a much greater awareness of when to push myself and indeed when to rest.
Jen Chambers, Architect

I'd tried to run, and failed, more than once and was convinced I'd never be able to run for more than a few minutes. Although my previous experience of Personal Trainers had left me disillusioned, as I reached middle age I decided to give running one last go and needed help to succeed. I am so glad I found Dave. My faith in PTs has been restored by this consummate professional who translates his first class knowledge into well-explained training programmes. His passion for fitness is contagious and with every session I learn more about myself and my abilities. Dave has responded to my never-ending and diverse personal goals with alacrity, developing training plans that target each one and producing clear documentation to demonstrate my progress. His belief in my ability boosted my confidence - he believed I could achieve, and I did! I very quickly went from out of breath after jogging for a couple of minutes to running for nearly an hour over mixed terrain, turning in PB’s at every session. Whilst my times may not set the world alight (yet!) and I have yet to run my first race, thanks to Dave I have become a runner.
Sabra Ralph

Having been a keen sportsman all my life, main sports squash and skiing, I am so glad I suggested a Ski Fit program with you. After spending 12 weeks getting fit under your guidance for this year’s assault on the Alps I had a marvellous holiday, skiing for 10 days in some very difficult weather and snow conditions. All I can say is that the training worked. I got more out of the holiday than ever before in terms of balance, strength [especially the legs] and concentration, which in turn led to improved confidence on difficult terrain.
I am now looking forward to improving my fitness for squash, which at age 59, is going to be a bigger test but one I can approach with more confidence with your help.
Steve Wells
Company Director

I would like to thank you for your personal training program over the last couple of months.

I must admit that I was initially sceptical of your claim that this can benefit anyone. At 69 years old and with a severe pulmonary condition, I had really given up on the fact that I would be able to benefit from a resistance training program. However, you have proved me quite wrong in that with a careful plan of action, you have increased my core fitness and strength as well as considerably improving my breathing and thereby my whole quality of life.
Many thanks Dave,
Chris Copeman

I would like to recommend Dave as a great personal trainer! I trained with Dave for just over 3 months in preparation for the New York marathon. Dave put together a personalised programme for me and I did weekly running sessions with him. This was my second marathon and I hoped to improve my time significantly. On the day I took 21 minutes off my time in London and managed a new Personal Best time  I could not have done it without Dave who provided challenging but achievable training sessions and also gave superb feedback by email about my weekly training log which monitored how things were progressing. He was very supportive and positive throughout the training and gave lots of practical race day tips as well as general advice. I am looking forward to training for the next goal with him. Thanks a million!

Jenny Edwards

HR Director

 For me Dave Knott’s on-line running coaching has been a very practical and effective way of being coached. Dave does make you think about what you want to get out of your training and about setting yourself realistic goals. For me it has been very motivating to have a personalised training program and to send my training log to Dave on a weekly basis. I found it great and very motivating to receive his feedback every week and that is probably because Dave gives honest feedback in a very positive way. This really helps to improve your self-confidence and teaches you how far you can go and what you can get out of yourself.  

Dave’s tailor made training program really takes into account what YOU want to get out of YOURSELF and the goals that YOU set YOURSELF. It’s really well balanced, with days of hard, quality work, days with shorter gentle distances, days with longer distances and rest days.
Dave really helps you to reach your goals and to get the very best out of yourself and it is such a great feeling when the hard work of all the training pays off!!!! Without Dave’s coaching I would never have have managed to run two marathons in 2007: Rotterdam in 4.23 (during a heatwave) and Nottingham in 3.45!
Marjolein van Kralingen
Housing Strategy Officer, Holland

Dave provided me with coaching advice with the specific aim of running a personal best in the Chester Half Marathon. His dedicated, no nonsense approach resulted in me knocking over 10 minutes off my pb in a 6 month period.
Sioned Taylor,

Maths teacher, United Arab Emirates.

 Having failed to meet my target time in two marathons,I asked Dave for a program and coaching to prepare for Auckland Marathon. As most of my training was done whilst travelling around New Zealand, online coaching was the only feasible option. Dave produced a training program carefully tailored to my requirements and followed it up with regular emailed advice and encouragement throughout the training period. Each email was based on my training diary and offered excellent advice; a mixture of practical tips, modifications to the original program where necessary and very valuable resources for meeting the mental challenge of a marathon. The result was that I comfortably met my target and better still, felt great throughout the race.
Robert Crowe, Teacher.

 I write to thank you for all the knowledge, commitment and support you have given me as a running coach over the last few years, I am very grateful. You are a natural coach, you identified clearly the areas I needed to focus on to achieve the goals we set and designed a tailored plan that I was able to follow. In the group sessions with Tattenhall Runners you helped me to get the most out of each session, either and usually through encouragement, though also by being brave enough to point out the error of my ways (in the nicest-possible manner) when I wasn't putting in as much effort as I should have been. You were right, and I now am much more disciplined and as a consequence get the most out of each session.

Having only come into the sport of running in my mid thirties, and lacking a lot of natural talent, I have come a long way and I am proud of the improvements I have made in those 5 years. I greatly appreciate the help you have given me in that time.
David Sykes
Business Development Manager.

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