DEVAFITNESS - On-Line Running Coach
DEVAFITNESS On-line coaching allows anyone and everyone to obtain the support and advice of a vastly experienced and caring UK Athletics endurance coach. Using a proven system honed over many years with both joggers and seasoned runners from all over the world, DEVAFITNESS On-Line provides planning, goal setting, training diary, full coaching feedback on your progress, race pace assessment and targeting plus much, much more....

 Advice and guidance on all that you need to think about prior to your big day so that when that day finally comes you are ready to go with nothing forgotten or un-prepared for !

Diet and hydration during training, pre training and on race day too, clothing systems, training shoe advice, equipment, logistics, pace setting, pace control techniques, race tactics, mental preparation, training systems, running techniques, self awareness, appropriate training sessions, strength training, progressive and structured programs, what to do if something goes wrong, re-assessment of training to reflect progress or injury. So many things to think about, so many things to get wrong.

If you are not on top of this then how can you expect to do your best on race day ?

   Let DEVAFITNESS make the difference....

  On-Line coaching support that is affordable, accessible and always just a click away

                      Tel:01829 770327                                Mob: 0790 187 1116

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