Anyone and everyone can benefit from having a Personal Trainer. Whether you are looking to improve your health and fitness, your posture, lose weight, wanting to achieve improvement in your chosen sport, train for an upcoming event or race or simply break out of the training rut that you’re in, it makes sense to have a dedicated professional trainer helping you along the way to a better quality of life or fitness goal.
You'll definitely benefit from our dedicated, one-to-one personal training sessions that are safe, progressive and totally tailored to you, your needs, your current fitness levels and your personal goals.
If you want to Get Fit and Stay Fit or are suffering from medical conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Asthma or other pulmonary conditions DEVA FITNESS can help you with training systems which will maximize your health & fitness gains.
How Does it Work ?
Step 1.    
Initial Consultation & Fitness Assessment
Health, Lifestyle and Fitness consultation including goal setting.
Fitness and Flexibility Assessment.
Your Personal Training starts with a comprehensive health, lifestyle and fitness consultation where your Personal Trainer discusses your medical history, current lifestyle, nutrition and exercise history and goals with you. This consultation allows your trainer to fully understand your current fitness levels, any health issues which may impact on your training ensuring client safety and also allows the client and trainer to agree on acceptable fitness goals and targets. During the consultation your exercise choices are discussed covering the type of training you prefer. The two phase consultation also includes a musclo-skeletal evaluation to assess postural imbalances and flexibility, key muscle group strength, body composition tests, blood pressure and resting heart rate. Your results are fully explained to you throughout the consultation.
The consultation will take about 1 hour followed by your Fitness and Flexibility Assessment which assesses your strength, flexibility and any postural issues.
Please wear loose clothing suitable for a gym workout.

Step 2.        
Your results, current fitness and goals are assessed and analysed by your trainer who will then prepare a personalised training plan which is designed to safely enable you to reach your health and fitness goals in the fastest time possible. Every training session will maximise your gains and take another step along the path to your goals.

                                                                                                                            Step 3.
You can begin your training within three days of your consultation and you can even book your first session at this initial meeting. Every Training session will last at least one hour and will consist of warm up, dynamic stretching, main workout, cool down and appropriate stretches for the client based on your initial musclo-skeletal assessment.

You can expect a comprehensive but fun and enjoyable workout every time.

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